The Southbank Sweater Dress

Pattern House: Nina Lee Patterns

Pattern: Southbank Sweater and Dress

Fabric: Ponte de Roma

Just a quick post today to touch base on my latest make: the Nina Lee Patterns, Southbank Sweater Dress. What can I say, it was a joy to make and is a pleasure to wear! I picked up this fabric at the Great British Sewing Bee Live last year (sadly I can't remember which stand) and it is the snuggliest Ponte de Roma I have ever purchased! It lends itself to the Southbank pattern in particular as it has all the qualities of a super comfy jersey dress (the secret pyjama kind) and enough structure to support the turtle neck.

The pattern is really simple and generally a very quick and satisfying sew. I used an overlocker for almost the entire project with the exception of some tidying up and topstitching around the pockets (YES it has pockets!!) and also basted the cuff and collar on to the garment prior to overlocking them in place.

The finished version had no adjustments and am pretty pleased with the fit overall. The length in particular is great as skirts normally come out fairly short against my spider legs but no alterations were needed on that front this time around.

The only consideration for next time (which will definitely be sooner rather than later) is that I will probably make the sleeves a little shorter. I should say at this point that the additional length in the sleeves on this version was entirely my own fault; having since gone back to the pattern (to cut out Southbank the 2nd!) I realised that I had forgotten to cut out the lower hem line that I had traced off for the sleeve. Instead I just cut up to the end of the tracing paper and in, my haste to get sewing, I didn't even notice! I think it works just fine for the slouchy jumper dress however for the top version, I feel that a more tailored look would suit.

There's really not much more to say. Overall a highly recommended and super snuggly pattern.