Our Handmade Wedding

From handmade bridesmaid dresses to homemade decorations, our wedding day was as DIY as they come. Though it took months of preparation, blood, sweat and tears, every last stitch and every ounce of PVA glue was totally worth it!

One year on, and having just celebrated our first anniversary, i'm taking a moment to reflect on some of the handmade items that went into the big day.

Handmade Bridesmaids Dresses

Photographs by Gavin Prest

I made all five of our bridesmaid dresses! This was probably the biggest labour of love but I'm so glad that I did it. I'd had my eye on some lovely wrap dresses for a while but, at around £200 a pop, I decided to have a go at making my own.

After a quick scan of some pattern sites, I stumbled upon Simplicity 1154. This pattern was perfect and at the time I was a little less experienced on the sewing front so working with stretch fabric meant that it was all the more forgiving when it came to getting the fit right.

Including toiles, actual versions and a cheeky black cocktail version for our honeymoon, I ended up making this dress 9 times over! I don't think I'll be revisiting this pattern again for sometime but never the less I can highly recommend it!

Handcrafted Decorations

Jars, jars and more jars: Our post ceremony drinks were set to be outside although lack of trust in British weather meant that we needed indoor backup. We ended up serving drinks in the cellar of our ceremony venue which was gorgeous but, being a castle, had no electricity and very little natural light. Our solution was the culmination of many months of collecting jars, meters of hessian and lace and an awful lot of tea lights!

Sweet stall and sweetie bags: To accompany the drinks reception after the ceremony we set up a snack station consisting of jars of sweets and nibbles, along with traditional sweetshop paper bags for guests to fill up - pick 'n mix stylie.

Confetti: We love tea! So what better to dish out the confetti in than some personally stamped tea bags?!

Wooden arrows: Although usually more comfortable with a needle and thread, I took the opportunity to branch out (pun intended) and try my hand at some wood engraving.

Table decorations: Our reception tables were a primary spot for handmade creations with personalised place names, DIY favours, menus, floral arrangements and activity packs for the kids. I was also able to exercise my sewing skills again here with lace trimmed hessian bunting and table runners.

Photographs by Gavin Prest

So there we have it! A whistle stop tour of our very handmade wedding. Needless to say, the honeymoon was a much needed opportunity for some R&R!

If you liked this post and would be keen to hear more on the actual DIY process for any of the makes, please let me know and I can have a look and putting together some tutorials.